Procedure / Organisational tool

The organisational questionnaire provides a overview on the vocational training situation in the organisation, in four areas:

  1. Enterprise strategy & training (strategy towards provision of training and competencies development),
  2. Training & incentive systems (provision of incentives to encourage performance and skills improvement),
  3. Learning & workplace (activities conducive to learning at the workplace) and
  4. Collaboration / information processes & competency (collaboration and flow of information within the organisation).

It outlines a general overview and intends to raise questions and support critical thinking amongst management staff.

(1) Filling out the questionnaire:

Most questions in this questionnaire are based on your personal opinion. There are accordingly no right and wrong answers. It is important to answer openly and honestly. The questions are so formulated that they can be answered with a simple cross, but only one cross per answer per question!
Read every question carefully but proceed promptly with the assessment. Your first impression is usually the right one.
For each statement you will have to distinguish between five values ranging from “I strongly agree” to “I strongly disagree”.

I strongly agree
I agree
I partly agree
I disagree
I strongly disagree

If possible, do not leave out any question unless you have no opinion at all about it.
Completion should take about 20 minutes.

(2) Documentation of results:

You'll be guided through the questionnaire to the section where you can obtain your results from the assessment. Graphical interpretations will help you to make your results more understandable.

(3) Recommendations:

In a next step you can also obtain some background information and recommendations for those questions or groups of questions where the system has detected some starting points for further improvement (further training measures and improvements in personnel and organisational development).

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