Skills assessment

This chapter describes different instruments and contains checklists that can be used for your collaborators skills assessment.

Appraisal interview
The appraisal interview shall form a basis for defining the expectations of the organisation on the collaborators' tasks, competencies and responsibilities and to coordinate these with the existing potential and suitability.

Employee survey
Employee surveys serve to impart information on the current situation of an organisation, to recognise a further need for training and optimise the performance of specific enterprise units and also to provide a basis to initiate measures for improvements in the working environment.

Employee profiles
Employee profiles are central instruments in the management of staff and changes. They provide the management of the enterprise with important information on how the corporate strategy can be implemented with the available or further to be developed employee potential. They lend orientation to staff recruitment/recruitment policy and employee support.

Personnel survey
The personnel survey is a method of recording and assessing objective criteria in the enterprise on the state of personnel development by means of a personal survey by the managing director or persons responsible for vocational initial and further training.