Employee survey

Employee surveys serve to impart information on the current situation of an enterprise, to recognise a further need for training and optimise the performance of individual enterprise units and also to provide a basis to initiate measures for improvements in the working environment.

Battery of questions of an employee survey
Typical questions in an employee survey are:
  • Job satisfaction in general and individual influencing factors on job satisfaction
  • Contribution of the employee to the success of the enterprise
  • Performance and willingness to perform
  • Acceptance of the pay system (fixed salaries, performance-related remuneration)
  • Satisfaction with management and employee participation
  • Clarity of business goals
  • Satisfaction with employee support (seminars, training at the workplace)
  • External working conditions, pleasant workplace design
  • Good social services
  • Information policy with respect to the own workplace and the enterprise in general
  • Cooperation and collaboration in the team and with other departments
  • Customer orientation and service quality of the enterprise
  • Handling of suggestions for improvements by the employees
  • Ideas and suggestions for the further development of the enterprise

Motivation of the employees
The following aspects are essential to motivate the employees to participate in the employee survey:
  • The management - particularly the managing directors - should clarify how important the dialogue with the employees and the resulting implementation process is for them
  • Anonymity must be assured; for this reason external consultants are frequently brought in.
  • To avoid that conclusions on individual employees can be drawn, working groups of not less than 5 persons should be targeted when making detailed assessments.

The manner of reporting the results to the employees is also crucial to the success of an employee survey as well as the following process of implementation of the ideas and suggestions.