Appraisal interview

The appraisal interview shall form a basis for defining the expectations of the enterprise on the employees' tasks, competences and responsibilities and to coordinate these with the existing potential and suitability. From this comparison of current and future targets the employees can define their personal development requirements and the employer can project among other things the necessary further training measures.

Phases of an appraisal interview


  • Make appointment between management and employee
  • Assist the mental preparation of employee and manager
  • Allow for conditions that guarantee adequate time and space
  • Take into account tasks, requirement profile and current objectives



  • Record to personnel files or only to employee
  • Controls to keep the procedure moving

Elements of an appraisal interview

  • Task profile (tasks/competences/responsibilities)
  • Aims (aims of enterprise, team and personal aims) and orientations
  • Current and future targets comparison between requirement and qualification profiles
  • Observations on leadership and work situations
  • Suggestions for improvement and expectations on the supervisors
  • Agreements on employee development (self-development, learning at the workplace, organised training measures in-house and outside the enterprise)

Checklist for managers: How do I effectively prepare an appraisal interview?

  • Update the responsibilities, objectives, projects of the employee
  • Justification for assessment of performance
  • Justification for assessment of potential
  • Justification for development measures
  • Statements on the future development and career perspectives of the employee
  • Aims of enterprise, department, team
  • Ideas on new aims, projects and responsibilities
  • Initiation of conversation
  • Detailed arguments for positive conversation points (appreciation phase)
  • Detailed arguments for critical conversation points (criticism phase)
  • Conversational procedure
  • Conclusion of conversation
  • Development of the enterprise, department, division
  • Analysis of the interests, wishes, needs, expectations of the employee
  • Statements and opinions of the employee
A comparison of the future target profile (job requirements) and the current profile (aptitude profile of the employee) is required in order to be able to agree on specific promotion measures in the interview between executive and employee.