A. Strategy towards provision of training and competencies development

trafficlight_red The red traffic light indicates that you have not yet implemented sufficiently in your organisation an overall strategy for the development of your employees’ competences. The TSESME toolkit can provide you with information on how to establish such a strategy.
trafficlight_yellow The traffic light related to the importance of the development of competence shows yellow what indicates that there is awareness about the importance of competences development and training but that there could be improvements in terms of implementation and integration of competences development in the organisation. The TSESME tools and documents could be a valuable contribution.
trafficlight_green The company considers the development of competencies as important therefore the traffic light in this section shows green. This indicates that further training and competence development is integrated in your organisational culture and that you are aware of the importance of human resources development.

Further recommendations

The TSESME toolkit has identified a need for further activities and recommends to check the following sections of the toolkit:

“strategic orientation and decision making”

“organisational atmosphere and environment”

“planning, review and assessment”