B. Provision of incentives to encourage performance and skills improvement

trafficlight_red The red traffic light indicates that your organisation does not provide incentives to encourage improvement of performance or that the system you are using is not as effective as it could be. Therefore, we suggest you to have a look at the following recommendations that describe different incentives you can provide to your employees.
trafficlight_yellow Your responses in this part of the questionnaire indicate that incentive systems exist in your organisation but that could be further improved. The TSESME tools and documents could be a valuable contribution.
trafficlight_green Your responses indicated that your organisation provides incentives to your employees to improve their individual performance through the acquisition of further training and also that your employees are motivated to improve their skills and competencies and think and act innovatively.

Further recommendations

The TSESME toolkit has identified a need for further activities and recommends to check the following sections of the toolkit:

“tasks related incentives”

“financial incentives”

“managerial incentives”